Happy Valentine’s Day! I know today can be a very polarizing day for people, but for me, Valentine’s Day is a day celebrating Love, not just for couples, but for everyone that we care about—our family, friends, anyone who has made a mark on our hearts. It is a day for us to be truly open and honest about how we feel. I know we shouldn’t need just one day specified for love, but one day is a good start.

Today, it felt right to do something a bit different so I thought I’d create this short video about love, particularly self love. The past 15 months backpacking for me has been a journey of self love and care. I’ve found that when we love ourselves, our capacity to love others increases exponentially.

I thought I’d share one part of my morning practice of self love with you. I invite you to sit in a comfortable position perhaps cross legged on a pillow or lying down on your bed. You can close your eyes if you would like to….

May today and every day be filled with Love for you and your loved ones. May you express how much you care to the people you love and cherish as we never know how long we have on this incredible planet.

If this resonated with you, I’d love to hear from you and what you do for self-love and care. I’d also be delighted to share more of my practices if you are interested.

In Love and Light, Karina