As some of you know, I’ve been working on two books, one about my travels, and one in poetry format about self love and compassion. I decided this year, I’d start sharing some of my pieces with you. These are all super raw, first draft pieces that I wrote in 15-30 minutes so I’d love to hear your thoughts, if any parts resonate with you, or if you have suggestions/questions! Thanks so much for helping me 🙏

The Atlas of Our Minds:
We constantly etch the geography of our minds, 
expanding into new corners and grooves, 
exploring crevices and ravines that we didn’t know were there.
We think our atlas is permanently etched, 
but our mental terrain, 
our brain’s tectonic plates, 
continuously shift, lift and coalesce.

When an earthquake happens, 
one that rumbles our personal beliefs, 
that is the perfect time to pioneer into 
new lands. 
Rather than cower in a corner of our minds, 
clinging to the old rubble, 
we can charge ahead to seek fresh vantage points, 
to observe the novel landscape.

Curiosity leads us into a new reality, 
one that could entirely upend our prior ecosystem.
From flat to round, 
our world has shape, depth, polarities. 
One’s North is South,
One’s Summer is Winter.
When we hit a rut—
we can flip our mental globe upside down, 
gaining a fresh perspective, 
a new opportunity to move forward.

This constant re-evaluation helps us refresh our mental model from outdated maps, 
ancient perspectives that must fall away like a snake’s desiccated, old husk.
From there, we can explore our new world, 
with open eyes, open minds and open hearts, 
ready to sketch in the next frontier.