One activity I adore is Scuba Diving. 71% of the planet is underwater, so diving is my method of exploring a whole different world than the one above ground. There’s something enchanting and alien about breathing underwater– something we humans are not naturally supposed to do. It’s the closest thing I can imagine to being in outer space. It’s almost meditational, hearing the sound of your own breath in and out, controlling it to more efficiently utilize the air in your tank.

While in Cape Town in April, I dove twice with the awesome Dive center, Pisces Divers. 1) A ship wreck (which I’ll share in a separate post), and 2) diving with seals! I was extremely fortunate to dive with these graceful creatures for about half an hour even though the water was FREEZING (10°C/50°F). We had to double up our wetsuits and cover every inch of our bodies, but it was totally worth it! These seals were super playful and unafraid of us, swimming close up to my GoPro. Hope you enjoy this quick taste of swimming with them (while staying warm and dry)! This was one of my favorite moments ever.