Recently, I took IMPACT Bay Area’s Multiple Assailants Course where you’re trained to fight full force against three fully-suited instructors (also know as “suits”). Over two packed days, you’re placed in adrenalizing real-life scenarios, conditioning your body to fight under stress and not freeze. Thus, this training becomes incorporated into your muscle memory so even if you don’t use these techniques for a decade or two, should someone attack you, your body will remember what to do without even thinking.

The first simulation is a “break out” where you’re cornered against a wall by three suits and must fight your way out till you’re the last wo/man standing. It legit feels like a street fight and you go all out using punches, kicks, elbows, knees, “meat shields”, etc.

In the second simulation (at 0:37 seconds), you lie down with your eyes closed, and three suits surprise attack you. From there, you must bunny kick the suit at your feet and swing your legs above your head to kick the two suits above you. You must then rapidly get up as the ground is the most vulnerable place to be when there are multiple assailants.

I highly recommend this empowering, adrenalizing, emotional, cathartic and life-changing course to every man and woman. Start out with their Basics class (preview here) or something similar in your area because it not only teaches you impactful techniques against verbal, physical and sexual assault but also how to de-escalate situations, be an effective bystander, and boost your own confidence navigating everyday life. You can check out IMPACT Bay Area for more details (

Yours in safety and empowerment,