A few months ago, I took IMPACT Bay Area’s “Defense Against Weapons” course where you’re trained to fight full-force against an armed assailant (a fully padded instructor). Over two packed weekends, you’re taught simple yet effective techniques to fight like hell when confronted in real-life scenarios where the assailant is armed with a firearm, knife, club, etc. Practicing adrenalized situations with fully-suited instructors incorporated these skills into my muscle memory so I know I will not freeze when confronted. Even if I don’t use these techniques for a decade or two, should I be attacked, my body will remember what to do without even thinking. We also learned clear boundary setting skills, risk assessment and how to de-escalate a situation.

The first simulation was against an assailant with a knife whereas the second was with a firearm (at 0:51 seconds). In both, I utilized techniques to pin the weapon out of harms way while defending myself.

I highly recommend this empowering, adrenalizing, cathartic and life-changing course to every woman and man. Start out with their Basics class (preview here) or something similar in your area because it not only teaches you impactful techniques against verbal, physical and sexual assault but also how to de-escalate situations, be an effective bystander, and boost your own confidence navigating everyday life. After that, you can look into their Advanced courses such as this one displayed above, or Defense Against Multiple Assailants (preview here). You can check out IMPACT Bay Area for more details (impactbayarea.org).

Yours in safety and empowerment,