30 countries, 65 cities and 1½ years later, I’ve come back full circle to California! Even if my starting and ending place are the same, I am by no means the same person I was in October 2015 before backpacking. I can never be grateful enough to all the incredible souls I encountered along this epic journey and the experiences we had together. You’ve all helped me grow immensely in my perspective, love, centered-ness and sense of global servitude. I’m currently overrun with a whole swath of emotions: sadness/nostalgia about closing this chapter of extended international travel, and excitement about embarking on the next adventure of writing my book, teaching self defense to women and delving more into the health & fitness arena. I will forever cherish these moments from ecstatic dancing in Bali, to dancing and singing with movie stars in China, training in Muay Thai in Thailand, hiking a 19,000 ft volcano in Peru, walking on glaciers in Iceland, breaking 50 mph skiing in Aspen, scuba diving with seal lions and exploring shipwrecks in Cape Town, and so much more! This is by no means an end to traveling, just a little hiatus from being abroad (Bali friends, I’ll see you in the fall!).

If you’d asked me three years ago if I would travel around the world by myself, I would have told you absolutely not. I never thought I could backpack around the world, especially not for a year by myself– it would be too dangerous as a woman! However, I decided to break down my limiting beliefs, to create my own reality and prove that I could do anything I set my mind to. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. So why not live the life you’ve always dreamed of living? Change the Impossible to “I’m possible”. Here’s to living our lives by design, becoming our best selves each and every day!