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Looking over Cape of Good Hope!
Kotor Sunset
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Iguazu Falls
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Live Life by Design, Not Color by Numbers

Safe & Solo is a platform to empower women to safely and confidently explore their world. The Mission is to teach you how to be a smart traveler utilizing safety tips for daily life and abroad as well as useful self defense techniques to confidently explore the unknown and chase your dreams.

Let’s face it, every woman will be alone for at least some portion of every day. Thus, if she can walk through her day with confidence, independence and security knowing she can take care of herself, that would make a world of a difference.

Having had the privilege of backpacking solo around the world for 1 1/2 years, experiencing 30 countries, 65 cities, and a countless number of incredible new friends, it is now my honor to empower other women to travel anywhere by themselves (or with others) and know that they deserve to walk on every single inch of this earth. 

I learned immensely traveling solo both about my own resilience and strength, but also through interacting with extraordinary people from all walks of life. These people have been a large reason why my 1 1/2 years backpacking has completely change my perspective on life and role in this world. Thus, I’m not advocating solely solo travel, but travel in general– embracing the unknown and overcoming your fears. If a fear of traveling solo is holding you back, what do you need to get over that fear? You can increase your confidence as a savvy and street-smart traveler, and discover that you will not only survive but can thrive anywhere. You might think traveling solo means being isolated from everyone, but in fact, I met some of my closest friends while traveling alone. Everyone is even more present and open. You’re all in the moment together. You’re all creating your own life by design rather than letting your fears dictate your life!

Here at Safe & Solo, you will find:

    • Safety tips for striding through life both domestically and abroad
    • Travel tips to help prepare for your adventure
    • Self defense techniques to protect yourself
    • My own journey, and much more

Here’s to being Safe & Solo, every minute of every day!

Karina x

Please contact me if you’d like to learn more, have questions about traveling or have self defense techniques/tips you’d like to share with others!